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Xiaomi new device with fingerprint under LCD screen launching soon

Finally, Redmi gets a fingerprint scanner under the LCD screen!


Recently the world-renowned company originated from China, Xiaomi is the brand new company to implement the fingerprint scanner under an LCD (Liquid crystal display). It has become the latest original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The working of this technology was displayed by the Redmi Brand manager Lu Weibing, on the prototype device on a Redmi Note 8 pro.

As with the growing technologies, the display of the launching smartphones is reforming, and the ballyhoo is being pruned. The manufactures, authorized with the works of handsets, are developing various ingenious ways for the hype of the fingerprint security system to the biometric feature.

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Weibing divulged that the use of inventive methods overcame the issue of the scanner not working under the LCD’s (Liquid Crystal display). A surface of high-transmittance film material increases the sensitivity to the next level, in which the scanner sees the fingerprints and detects it. Says report.

Status of other OEM’s (Original equipment manufacturer)

Many companies in their devices portray the innovation of finger printings. Some of them displayed it on the sides, and most of them placed it on the rear views. The biometric feature accepted by Apple.inc was facial recognition. In contrast, androids have come with the race with the new feature of displaying under the screen at this point.

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Redmi is first to manufacture under-screen technology in devices?

According to the advance literature in the field of technology, in China, some companies figured out the concept of introducing sensors inside the display screens, i.e., LCD panels. The charge to introduce it in one of the devices was taken by Redmi, making it the first company to manufacture with this technology.

To this date, no proper knowledge of the device is portrayed, which will have this feature. The probability of the arrival of this feature will start from Redmi Note 9 or the Redmi K30 Pro.

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