WHO’s WhatsApp message about viral lockdown going viral, know the truth

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WHO's WhatsApp message
Image credit : social media.

Who’s WhatsApp message is going viral with the World Health Organization (WHO) claiming that 21 days of lockdown has been done in Phase 2. After this the lockdown will be removed for five days and then Phase 3 will announce the lockdown for 28 days. Let’s know the truth of this message…

What is Reality of Whatsapp viral message?


WHO's WhatsApp message


This message is about the protocols issued by the WHO and the procedures for the lockdown period. Accordingly, the WHO has divided the lockdown period into four phases and the Government of India is following it.

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According to the WHO’s lockdown process, the first phase will have a one-day lockdown, followed by a 21-day lockdown in the second phase followed by a lockdown for five days.After five days, the third phase of lockdown will be implemented, which will last for 28 days. After this, there will be a five-day exemption and the final lockdown will be 15 days.

What is the truth of the message going viral?

Who’s Whatsapp message is now  viral from WhatsApp to Facebook and Twitter, due to which people are fearing . Talking about the truth of the claim made in the message, there is no truth in it. This message has a concoction that has nothing to do with reality.

According to India Today, a representative of the WHO has misconstrued the message and stated that the WHO has not issued any such protocol for the lockdown period. The truth is that all countries have their own protocol regarding lockdown.

Recently there is  a rumor that the lockdown would continue in India even after April 14, which was rejected by Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba and said that the government has no such plans at present.




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