Twitter discontinued SMS tweeting feature Because of hacking

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Twitter discontinued SMS tweeting feature
Twitter discontinued SMS tweeting feature credits : techcrunch

Microblogging site Twitter has started shutting down the tweeting facility through messages. It has also been discontinued in many countries. In such a situation, you will no longer be able to tweet via SMS. Explain that by taking advantage of this feature wrongly, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked last year that why Twitter discontinued SMS tweeting feature .

The purpose behind Twitter to discontinue SMS tweeting is to increase security. Twitter wants users to tweet from only two mediums, desktop and mobile apps, so that their account security and privacy remains intact. 

Twitter company has said that most users are not using this feature and due to this many types of complaints are also coming. Let me tell you that when Twitter provided the facility to tweet in 140 characters, during that time it was also allowed to tweet via SMS.


The information gave on Twitter

Significantly, in the year 2018, Jack Dorsey’s account was hacked. Outrageous and racist tweets were made through Dorsey’s account and such tweets were also retweeted. A later report claimed that Jack Dorsey was the victim of SIM swapping. After this hacking, social media users also made fun of Dorsey for weak passwords.

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Let us know that Twitter has recently changed the layout of the desktop version. Previously, where the profile photo of the users was seen in the menu bar above the tweet button in the left, now it has been reduced to the profile photo. Apart from this, the company has also given an option to add two accounts.

After clicking on the profile photo after the new update, you will see your Twitter handle and below that are seen the options for Add an existing account and log out. Apart from this, no other changes have been made.

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