Tiktok downloaded 4.9 million times in India, Facebook’s daily traffic reached 17 million

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Tiktok downloaded 4.9 million

Many people are in homes due to lockdown and many people are in precautionary houses due to infection. In such a situation, the biggest means of entertainment of people is the smartphone due to this Tiktok downloaded 4.9 million times in india

People are using the Internet and smartphones fiercely. In its report, Similar Webb, a research company on the online platform, has said that the use of the Internet has seen a huge increase since the outbreak of the corona virus.

Website users increased

The report states that the lockdown has led to a bumpy increase in website users, which is surprising as it is expected that people would use the mobile app more often but it did not. According to the data of Similar Web, where 1.1% users have increased on Facebook app, the number of users on Facebook website i.e Facebook.com has increased by 17 crores which was 12 crores earlier.

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The figure here is from 15 January to 24 March. On the other hand, Netflix has seen a 16 percent increase in site traffic, while the number on the app is 0.3 percent.

A huge increase in video gaming

due to the lockdown where many big games has canceled has gone. There is still doubt on IPL, while the popularity of video games has increased. ESPN has seen a 40 percent decrease in traffic due to the game’s cancellation, while video game streaming site Twitch TV has seen a 19 percent increase in traffic.

Tiktok gets the biggest lockdown Advantage

The major benefit of the lockdown has been the social media and short video app Tiktok. According to a report by the Economics Times, TikTok has become the most downloaded social media app.

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March has seen a 20% increase in the download of the Tiktok app, compared to January, although this data is up to 22 March 2020, while the lockdown was announced on 24 March. Now Tiktok downloaded 4.9 million times in india .

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