Smart Bracelet will protect you from Corona Virus

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Smart bracelet

The company has created a smart bracelet that can protect you from corona virus. If you go to someone, then this smart bracelet vibrates and also alerts you. The company has sold thousands of such bracelets so far. This bracelet is going to be very beneficial for fighting corona virus.

Many people have died due to corona virus all over the world. This corona virus spreads the most. So the lockdown continues in India and in many countries. In such a situation, some people go out of the house due to which the infection of corona virus is increasing. Research is still on to bring the Corona virus vaccine.

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samsung has also launched a smart watch that alerts you when people go near you. It will be used to maintain social distancing. Ford company is also using this bracelet to keep an eye on its employees. The company has said that whether or not employees have worn the bracelet can also be ascertained. Big big companies can easily find out whether they are working in the office by keeping an eye on their employees.

Smart Bracelet Price

If you talk about this smart bracelet, then its price is going to be ₹ 7500 rupees. If you want to protect yourself from corona virus then you should buy this bracelet.

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