Sharing fake news of corona virus cost dear, Facebook sues Indian

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fake news of corona virus
image credit: thenextweb

The government is repeatedly appealing to people to stop fake news of corona virus on social media about the Corona virus. To prevent fake news, WhatsApp has now limited the message forwarding to one, but people are not desirous of sharing fake news on social media. Now Facebook has filed a case in California court for sharing fake information and fraudulent advertisements related to fake news of corona virus on an Indian running software company.

What was happened on facebook ?

Facebook took this action after it found the information in the review process of the company’s ads to be misleading. Facebook alleges that Basant Gajjar’s company ‘LeadClock’ provided ‘ad-cloaking’ software to defraud fake information and advertisements related to corona viruses, cryptocurrencies, weight loss drugs, etc. This led to users viewing misleading advertisements on forums such as the company’s Facebook and Instagram. Facebook discovered this during a review of its automated process  of ad review.

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Ad-cloaking software is designed to cheat the search engines of online companies. Using this, the user gets pseudo information instead of the information asked. Cloaking is considered an unethical technology.

Facebook’s Law Department Director Jessica Romero said in a statement that Gazjar of Thailand has violated the company’s advertised policy by using the name ‘LeadClock’. Are made. In this case, LeadClock’s software was used to share misleading information about the global epidemic crisis, corona virus, cryptocurrency, medicine, and fake news pages.

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