Samsung to launch 600MP camera smartphone

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Samsung to launch 600MP camera
Samsung to launch 600MP camera credits : twitter

Samsung introduced the smartphone with a 108-megapixel camera in August last year. After Samsung, Xiaomi introduced Mi Note 10 with 108 megapixel sensor, while now it is reported that Samsung to launch 600MP camera  smartphone. It is claimed that a phone with 600 megapixel camera will be able to see better than human eyes.

Samsung 600MP camera smartphone is better than human eyes

Samsung has given information about launching a phone with a 600 megapixel camera on its website. According to the information given on the site, the resolution of a human’s eye is between 450-500 megapixels. In such a situation, it can be seen from the eyes of humans with the camera of the phone.

This Samsung sensor will be used in mobile phones, automatic cars, drones and the Internet of Things, although the company has not given any information about the launch of this sensor. After the use of this sensor in the smartphone, the company will also reduce the size of the pixels. As the 108-megapixel sensor used NonaCell technology to reduce the pixel size and the pixel size was in the 3×3 structure.

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There are reports that by the end of the year 2020, Samsung will introduce a 150-megapixel sensor. It is being said that Samsung’s first sensor will be used by Xiaomi in its smartphone. Apart from this, 192 megapixel sensors are also likely to come in the market.

Let us know that a few months back Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S20 series which has 100 x zoom. Prior to Samsung, Huawei of China had given 50X zoom in their P30 series phones.

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