Netflix gives parents special gift during lockdown, know about it

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Coronavirus is causing lockdown across the country. Due to this, most people are in their homes. Also, children are spending their time on the video streaming platform Netflix during this time. In such a situation, parents are worried that children should not see such thing on this platform, which is not good for them. Keeping this concern in mind, video streaming app Netflix has released an update, which will allow parents to lock adult content.

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New update of netflix

Under the latest update of Netflix, parents will now be able to lock such web series with a pin that is not suitable for their children. Apart from this, parents will also get the facility to hide Adult Web Series from the view list.

Corona virus status in india

here are currently 5734 people infect with the corona virus in India, of which 166 people has died. At the same time, 473 patients have cured so far.

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