Miui 12 Top New Features

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China’s smartphone company Xiaomi has introduced its new smartphone Mi 19 Youth Edition. Apart from mobile, the company has also launched MIUI 12. The user interface in MIUI 12 has been significantly changed and many modes such as fitness features along with dark mode have been given. Let’s know about Miui 12 Top New Features .

Refreshed Design and New Animations

You will get to see new animation here. In setting, you will get to see all the new designs which have improved a lot already. In storage, you will see a different storage indicator which shows the used memory of your device through colors.

Miui 12 animation

IOS Like Notification panel 

In Miui 12, you see the cool change in the notification panel. A lot of changes have been made in this notification panel. This notification panel looks like the same iOS. If you enable any option, then new color is seen for every new option.

Miui 12 Notification panel


Live Wallpaper and AOD Feature 

Here you can apply live wallpaper to your device. The specialty of this live wallpaper is that in this you get to see a different kind of animation. Along with this you also get the feature of AOD (Always On Display).

Miui 12 Live Wallpaper

New Multitasking Window

Here you also get multitasking support. So here you will be able to run the mutiple application in the background. The special thing is that if you can access other aaplication in any one application, this feature works like PIP (Picture in Picture) mode.

Miui 12 multitasking feature

Dark Mode 2.0 

This is where the dark mode is found, many changes have been made in this dark mode. The special thing about this dark mode is that it works according to day and night. If it is night from day then adjusts the dark mode accordingly.

Miui 12 Dark Mode 2.0

AI Calling Feature

The AI ​​Calling Feature is specially designed for hearing disability person. Due to this feature, people with hearing disability will also be able to hear phone calls.

Miui 12 AI Calling Feature

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