Jio Phone users will soon get Whatsapp Status feature

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How to Set Whatsapp Status in Jio Phone
Image Credit : Social Media

You will know that Jio Phone is the most popular feature phone of India, this phone gets you up to 800 ₹. This feature phone was launched in 2018. Only Jio SIM runs in this phone. The price of this Jio phone plans is the lowest. Last month, aarogya setu app was also launched for this phone. This phone also runs facebook and whatsapp. The phone can message anyone on whatsapp, but so far the  Whatsapp Status feature as not come.

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Jio Phone is Running on KiaOS . From the official blog of KiaOS, we have received information that the Whatsapp Status  feature wiill be added to the Jio phone soon. About 1 crore users in India use WhatsApp of Jio phone. Now KiaOS has not yet given information about when this new feature will come in Jio Phone. But this feature can soon be seen in Jio Phone. By the way, the feature of Whatsapp Voice calling has not yet come in the live phone. But the company will gradually rollout all the features in the phone.

How to Set Whatsapp Status in Jio Phone ?

  1. First update the whatsapp From App store
  2. Then open Whatsapp and Click on Status option
  3. Then select the video that you want to set as whatsapp status from gallery

Note :So far the feature of Whatsapp Status has not come in Jio phone. But when this feature comes, then you can follow these steps.

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