Airtel Digital TV special offer, users will be able to watch Airtel free channels

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Keeping in mind the lockdown, Airtel Digital TV has made a special offer(watch Airtel free channels) for its customers. Under this offer, Airtel Digital TV subscribers will be able to watch 4 platform channels for free till 14 April. Earlier, Tata Sky and Dish TV had offered such an offer to benefit their customers. So let’s know in detail about this offer of Airtel …

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These channels of Airtel are free

For your information, let us know that Airtel currently has 30 value added channels for special offer is watch Airtel free channels, out of which some channels have been made free for users. According to the company, LetsDance, AapkiRasoi, Airtel SeniorsTV and Airtel CuriosityStream 14 premium channels are available for free till April 14 for users.

At the same time, Airtel CuriosityStream channel can be seen at number 419, LetsDance channel at number 113, Aapki Rasoi channel at number 407 and Airtel SeniorsTV channel at number 323.

Airtel is at the forefront of digital TV platform service channel

Airtel Digital TV platform is far ahead of Tata Sky and Dish TV in terms of service channels. Currently on Airtel’s platform Airtel Digital TV is offering exclusive channels like Airtel CuriosityStream, Airtel ShortsTV, GoodLife, The Horror TV, Telugu Talkies, Spotlight, Let’s Dance, Hollywood Dairies, Fitness Studio, Miniplex, IMusic, Sadabahar, OM Shakti, IKID Like channels are available.


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