WhatsApp users will be able to use whatsapp in two mobiles from the same number

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Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has prepared a big gift for its users. WhatsApp will soon give its users the facility to use an account in two phones from the same mobile number. simply you can use whatsapp in two mobiles from same mobile number.

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In other words, soon you will be able to use one WhatsApp in two mobiles. Testing of this feature of WhatsApp is happening on the beta version. Multiple account feature information has been provided by WABETEINFO, a site tracking features of WhatsApp.

After this feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to operate the same account from multiple devices like Facebook, Gmail and Instagram, though there is a risk of privacy as most people use WhatsApp for personal chatting, though There is no information about how long this feature will go live.

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Let us know that recently, WhatsApp has reduced the status video from 30 seconds to 15 seconds for the budget of the data. Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video have discontinued HD video streaming service before WhatsApp.

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