Whatsapp Payments : How to send money through Whatsapp ?

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send money through Whatsapp

The lockdown continues due to Corona virus in India. In such a situation, everyone relies on online apps to send money. Google Pay, Phonepe and paytm are many such apps people use to send money. Now whatsapp has also brought the Whatsapp Payments feature, so lets know send How to send money through Whatsapp ?

Whatsapp payments are currently on Beta testing. Soon whatsapp will officially rollout this feature.Everyone here uses whatsapp. You do not need to have separate apps to send money. So let’s know how money is sent from whatsapp.

How to add bank account to whatsapp ?

How to add bank account to whatsapp ?
Image Credit: Indian Express
  • First open whatsapp app.
  • Later you will see three dots in the right corner, click on it.
  • Here you will see the payments option, click on it.
  • Then click on add payment method.
  • Here you will see the names of many banks, out of which your bank is, select the right bank.

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  • Then here you will see SIM 1 and SIM 2. Click on the SIM from which the SIM number is linked to your bank account.
  • Then whatsapp will automatically verify your number through sms.
  • After verify, your bank account will be successfully added to Whatsapp.

How to send money through Whatsapp 

you can send money through Whatsapp  in two ways. First Send Money Using Whatsapp Contacts and Second Send Money Using QR Code.

Send Money Using Whatsapp Contacts 

  • Come on the chat of the person you want to send money to.
  • Click on attachment option here and click on Payments option.
  • If the person to whom you are sending money has added his bank account to whatsapp. So you will get two options of send money and receive money there.

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  • If you want to send money, then you have to click on send money option. If you want to ask for money from someone, then click on request money.
  • If you clicked on send money, then you have to enter the amount here.
  • Here you have to enter UPI PIN which you created while adding bank account.
  • Later you will get the message of payment done here.

Send money using QR Code 

  • On the main page of whatsapp, click on 3 dots in the right corner. Then click on Payments.
  • You can tap on the QR code showing next to your name to show your QR code using which people can send you money.

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  • Then you click here on the new payment option.
  • Select a contact or the ‘Send to a UPI ID or Scan QR code option.
  • Rest of the process remains the same as above.


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