Google removes Mitron App from Playstore , Know What is the reason

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Mitron App
Image Credit : India TV

Google today removed the Mitron app from the playstore. The playstore of this app is Pay Million plus download. This app was claimed to be Indian, due to which this app was becoming very popular. This app was claimed to have developed a boy of IIT. But later News 18 revealed that this app is not Indian but Pakistani.

In fact, the company named Qboxes has sold it to a Pakistani developer for 2500 ₹. Actually Quboxes is a Pakistani company that sells the source code of the App, by buying this source code, you can design your own app. But the Pakistani developer who bought this app did not make any changes in this app. This app is Pakistani’s Tictic app on which the developer did not make any changes. Just uploaded this app with logo and rename on Playstore. This app claimed to be Indian, due to which more than 5 million downloads of this app were done.

Why Google Removes Mitron App from Playstore ?

Mitron App was uploaded by a Pakistani developer on playstore. But there was no information in the privacy policy in this app. When you click on the privacy policy, then a blank link was open here which used to lead to a shopkiller site. Google suspended the Mitron App from  playstore because of spamming the app and because of the minimum functionality policy.

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According to the report of News 18, this app also has a security issue. By using this app, your account can be hacked by hacker. You can follow or comment on someone from your account. According to the News 18 report, this app has saved all its data on its own amazon hosting. Then all your information used to go to that developer. Using such a mitron app can be extremely dangerous.

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