Google Pay On-air offer gives you upto 1000₹ Rewards know how to claim google pay on-air offer

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Google Pay On-air Offer: Google Pay introduced its new offer Google Pay On-air offer and get upto 1000₹ cashback .

Image credits : Techno Kiran YouTube

Table of contents : 

  1. Google New Offer
  2. Google Offer 1000₹ cashback for hearing Google Play ads
  3. Google On-air Scratch cards
  4. How to redeem Google pay scartch cards
  5. How to earn money from Google pay
  6. Google pay 81₹ cashback offer
  7. how to claim google pay on-air offer
  8. Google Pay on-air offer.

How to claim Google Pay On-air Offer :

  1. First we need to check our app is updated or not ?
  2. You can directly update the app by playstore or from the above given link
  3. Google Pay Download and Update
  4. Later you will have to find the on-air  option on Google Pay .
  5. You have to take your mobile near TV or other mobile and play the Google Play ad and narrate it.
  6. It would be better than TV to take your mobile to other mobile and play Google Play advertisement in YouTube on that other mobile.
  7. Google Play ad to listen to your mobile twice 
  8. After listening to 2 Google Play Ads you will get two scratch cards .

Condition to unlock Google Pay Scratch Cards :

  1. To sketch the first scratch card you have to transfer some money to your friend .
  2. To sketch another scratch card, you have to send some money to the merchant then you have to sketch the two cards .

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