Google made Doodle thanks to people like this

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Google made Doodle
source : mytechspark

Google keeps making its own new doodles, but this time Google make a new doodle which you will also like.You will know that due to Corona virus, many people are facing difficulties and in this difficult situation here, Food Packaging & employees also have to help you here, that’s why they have also thanked them in Google.That why Google made Doodle for those peoples.

What this Doodle Indicating ?

If you want to see  doodle, then you google. com to go here, in this doodle, you will be looking like E letter truck in the last and sending the first G letter heart.

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That heart is catching the truck, This told that it is food packaging, shipping and Thanking other employees.

Even before this, Google had also made doodle for them


Many people were suffering from this due to coronavirus, so doctors, nurses and other employees are treating of those people .He has thanked Doctors nurses and other employees for them by making their own doodle a few days ago.

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