Google is Increasing Tiktok Rating By Deleting 7Millions Reviews

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Google is increasing Tiktok Rating

China’s Short Video App Tiktok’s rating was declining. 2 days ago the rating of Tiktok was 1.4 stars but today the rating of titkok has gone straight to 4.4 stars. Ever since Carry minati roasted over Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui, Carry minati’s fans have been looking to lower Tiktok’s rating. 2 days ago tiktok had a rating of 1.2 stars. In such a situation, Google is Increasing Tiktok Rating .

Google Removes 7 Millions Reviews 

Google removed the first 5 million reviews from the Tiktok app. Later 2 days ago, again removed 1 million reviews and today again removed 1 million reviews. total google removed 7 millions of such reviews, at least. The stars were given, due to which Tiktok’s rating has increased to 4.2 stars today.

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Carry minati’s video got 70 million views and 10 million likes in 2 days when Indian Youtuber carry Minati roasted Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui. With which that video had become the video to get the most views and likes. But after 3-4 days YouTube removed that video from YouTube as a policy violation. Due to which the fans of Carry minati became very angry and started giving 1 star to Tiktok. Due to which Tiktok’s rating was reduced to 1.2 stars.

When the video of the carry minati was deleted, there were 27 million reviews on the Titkok app. But today that app has over 20 million reviews. That is, Google removed all the lesser star reviews. Google deleted a total of 7 million reviews. With which the rating of Tiktok has been 4 star. Google has not yet given any reason to remove reviews.

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