Get Free Permanent Outfit in PUBG Mobile, do 10 Kills with just this gun

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Free Permanent Outfit
Image Credits : mytechspark

PUBG Mobile developers have been making pubg games better by bringing new updates. Just two days ago a new map update of Mad Miramar has come. In this new map you get to see the running track which is spread across the map. In this map you also get a new P90 Weapon. If you want to take a free Permanent Outfit in Pubg mobile, then you can get this outfit for free. Actually the pubg has brought a new Contest for you  . You can  Participate, so you can get permanet outfit for free.

How to get free permanent Outfit

  1. To get this outfit, you have to do more than 10 kills with Win94 gun in Miramar map .
  2. Take screenshot of its result and tag the pubg mobile on twiiter.
  3. With that you have to use   #PUBGMSTATS hashtag.
  4. If you become a Winner then you will get Free Permanent Outift.

Pubg Mobile Mad Miramar Map Features

Talking about the Mad Miramar map coming in PUBG Mobile New 0.18.0 Update, you have given Urban Rains here on the north west side and Oasis in the northern part.In this update you get the Golden Mirado vehicle. Sandstrom effects, wedding machines and new rewards will also be seen in this update. In this map you also get to see a racing track which is spread across the map.

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In this new update, you will get to see P90 Gun. Out of which you can fire 50 bullets. How much is the Damage of this gun, it will be known only after playing the game. If you talk about the fixed Bugs, then you will get to see a new Result Dashboard here. You can also see which gun you have used. You can also compare each other’s tier. In this, the dashboard of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner has also been improved, in which you will get to see a lot of changes.

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