Coronavirus: ‘Arogya App’ is like radar for 2.5 million soldiers, will tell how far ‘Corona’ is from them!

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To protect people from the corona virus, the security forces are safe from this infection, for this, a technology has been developed through the Arogya app, which works like a radar. With this help, the jawans will know whether they are in the safe zone of corona infection or not.

If he has any symptoms of corona, which stage is he on. How to save him, all these things will be known to the soldiers in time. More than 25 lakh soldiers of Special Task Force of several states including Army, Paramilitary Force, NDRF and SDRF will now be able to help people by keeping themselves safe from Corona.

Personal protection equipment etc. have been provided to the army, paramilitary forces and police personnel who are helping people by coming to the front foot in the battle of Corona. However, the ground level reports suggest that many devices do not meet the test of quality.

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It has been claimed to provide masks, gloves and sanitizers, but the duty of these soldiers is such that they cannot use items like sanitizer at every step. As a result, there is some lapse and they are vulnerable to corona infection. This type of case has also come up in the army.

Downloading Arogya Mobile App Necessary

CRPF has clearly told all its soldiers and officers to download this app and inform their seniors. According to this Arogya app, they report daily. Apart from this, a helpline has also been issued in Jammu and Kashmir.

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On this, the jawans can talk directly to the doctor for themselves or their families. Similar services have been started in the army and other forces.

Ministry of has prepared Arogya App

The Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India has prepared the Arogya Setu App. With the help of this app, jawans can get their reports regarding Corona. Whatever doubts or questions are in the minds of the soldiers about the corona, their solution is present in this app. To know anything from Arogya Setu, the soldiers have to keep Bluetooth and their location option on mobile.

It can also be known from the app that a young person has come in contact with an infected person unknowingly. This app provides convenience in 11 local languages. Also, a young user also sends an alert when he comes in contact with a corona infected person.

This app gives information about the latest cases. It alerts those who have been around the infected person.

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