Coronavirus: Apple and Google joins hand, will prepare contact tracing technology

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Apple and Google joins
Apple and Google joins

More than half of the world’s population is currently affected by the Corona virus in that time Apple and Google joins hand. Governments around the world and the health sector are working together to stop the virus. Meanwhile, giant tech companies Google and Apple have come forward to beat the Covid-19 virus. Together the two companies have decided to create contact tracing technology, which will prevent this virus. Also, this technology will also help the government and health agencies. At the same time, companies say that this will maintain the privacy of users.

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Both companies will soon launch tracing system

Keeping in mind the growing outbreak of Covid-19 Apple and Google joins hand, Apple and Google will create APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in May, under which a mobile app will be made for Android and iOS supporting devices. Android and iOS users will be able to download this app. In addition, the two companies will work together to create a contact tracing platform on Bluetooth, through which the infected can be easily tracked. At the same time, companies say that the private information of users will not be tracked with this platform.

Apple first launched Covid-19 screening and mobile app

Apple had earlier launched the Covid-19 screening site and mobile app to prevent the epidemic. The special feature of this app is that it is connected with the CDC ie Center for Disease Control. On the other hand, when it comes to screening tool, it makes users aware with information related to corona virus.

Experts answer all questions through the app and site

Apple has partnered with the CDC, the White House Task Force and FEMA for the website and the app. When users ask questions related to Corona virus through these two platforms, they will be answered by the experts of CDC.

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