Carry Minati New YALGAAR Video Song Number 1 Trending on Youtube

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Carry Minati New YALGAAR Video Song
Carry Minati New YALGAAR Video Song

Carry Minati New YALGAAR Video Song released 15 hours ago. This video is not a roast video. This video is a Yalgaar Rap Video Song. This video has received 20 million views in 15 hours.This video is on Trending number 1 on Youtube.You Can watch this video below.

Carry minati’s Youtube Vs Tiktok video received over 70 million views and over 10 million likes. That video had become the video to get the most likes and views. But Youtube Takedown him under this Policy Violation.I hope this Carry Minati New YALGAAR Video SongĀ also breaks youtube video records.

Carry Minati Previous Videos Story

The Indian Creator Carry minati aka Ajay Nagar had roasted Tiktokar Amir Siddiqui. The video received more than 70 million views and more than 10 million likes in 4-5 days. Then youtube removed that video from youtube as a policy violation. Since then the topic in Youtube Vs Tiktok was quite trendy.

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After that, fans of Carry Minati started giving the Tiktok app a rating of 1 star, due to which the rating of tiktok was reduced to 1.2 stars. But later Google removed all these ratings and made the rating of tiktok app to 4.4 stars.

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After this video of Carry minati was deleted, he made another video. Which has so far received 62 million views. carry minati has only deleted youtube video in this video because it is not known. Then a few days later he added another new video. This video is called Yalgar, is a 2 min trailer. He has also received 29 million views so far.

WillĀ  Carry Minati New YALGAAR Video SongĀ make a new record?

Talking about the subscribers, the carry minati has also left ashish chanchlani behind. carry minatiĀ  has a total of 20.5 million subcribers. Now all we have to see is whether this video of Carry minati will make a new video record or not?

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