Can corona virus infection spread through 5G network ?

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corona virus
corona virus image credit: pixabay

The scientific community has condemned the claims that 5-G technology was said to have helped spread the corona virus infection. Such videos have been shared on social media in which mobile towers have been lit in Birmingham and Merseyside due to these claims. Not only this, these posts have been shared by verified accounts users with hundreds, thousands of followers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Really corona virus spread through 5G network ?

But scientists say that the relationship between covid-19 and 5G technology is complete nonsense and it is not biologically possible. NHS England Medical Director Stephen Pavis described such comparison theories as the most dangerous fake news.

The people who are sharing such posts are promoting the Congress Theory. In which the false claim of spreading Corona virus infection with the help of 5-G is being made.

corona virus spread through 5g technology
corona virus spread through 5g technology

How 5G technology works ?

5G is used for mobile phone networks and it works on the radio web. It is being said in these theories that this technique is responsible for the spread of corona virus infection. Such theories first appeared on Facebook in the last week of January. It was at this time that the first case of corona virus infection was reported in America. These theories can be motored into two camps – the first camp that claims that 5-G reduces the immunity of humans, which increases the chances of people getting infected with the corona virus.

At the same time, there are those in the other camp who are claiming that the virus is being spread and transmitted in some way with the help of five-G technology.┬áDoctor Simon Clarke, associate professor in the Department of Cellular Microbiology at Reading University, calls both of these theories utter nonsense.┬áSimone Clarke says, “5-G technology reduces the resistance of people, this claim does not live up. People’s resistance can be reduced by fatigue or in the absence of a good diet. However they are very There is not much difference but it definitely increases the risk of getting infected by the virus.

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Although very powerful radio waves generate heat, but 5-G technology does not generate so much heat that it can have any effect on the common people, “Simone Clarke says,” Radio waves can affect physical activity, But this will happen when it raises your body temperature. In that case people’s resistance will not work. But 5G radio waves are smaller . They are not strong enough to do on their resistance to impact people. It has been much studied. ”
The radio waves used in 5G technology and other mobile phone technologies are low frequency waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is less powerful than visible light and does not harm the body cells. Higher frequency waves like sun rays and medical x-rays damage the body cells. According to Professor Adam Finn of the Department of Pediatrics at Bristol University, it is impossible to transmit the virus with the help of 5G technology. Adam Finn explains, “In the current epidemic of corona virus, the virus passes from one infected person to another. We know this truth. An infected person’s virus can be amplified in the lab. But in mobile phones and internet connections Useful electromagnetic waves and viruses are both different things. The difference between lime and cheese.

Apart from this, there is another important flaw in this theory theory – Corona virus is also spreading in UK cities where 5G technology has not started to be used yet. The disease is also spreading in countries like Iran where this technology has not even been introduced yet. Even before the outbreak of Corona virus infection, many claims were being made about the 5G technology. Which were investigated by the BBC’s Reality Check team. One such claim was that could 5G technology pose a health hazard? Earlier this year, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the watchdog-based body, rejected claims after its lengthy study that the use of this technology was a health hazard.

The commission said that there has been no evidence of cancer or any other disease using mobile networks. Despite this, rumors about the use of its technology are not taking a name. Business agency Mobile UK said rumors circulating about the corona virus and 5G technology’s relationship are worrying. The UK’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports has not found any reliable relationship between the two.

Viruses enter the cells of humans or animals and keep increasing their numbers there, due to which infection occurs. Viruses do not live outside a living cell for a long time, so they find a way, usually reaching others through droplets released after coughing or sneezing. Genome sequencing of the corona virus suggests that it passed from animals to humans, and then the infection began to spread from person to person.

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