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Apple’s Tim Cook said: Tight control on app store to serve iPhone users


Apple Company CEO Tim Cook said on his strict control over the App Store that this is why he is able to provide better services and cyber security to iPhone users. He presented this defense during the hearing of a lawsuit filed against the misuse of monopoly, appraisal and anti-competitive behavior through the app store. Although the judge asked him many tough questions, he was not satisfied with the answers.

The presence of world-renowned CEO Cook at the last leg of a three-week hearing in Auckland, California, is considered rare. The lawsuit has been filed by Epic Games, creator of the popular mobile game Fortnite.

Epic says that Apple is raising a lot of money through its app store. App developers are charging 15 to 30 percent commission. Non-commissioned apps are blocked. Her attorney Gary Bornstein posed some common questions to which Cook answered.

However, Cook stumbled on a question asked by Steve Jobs, who created the app store in 2007, on nominal earnings estimates from the app store. He was also troubled by the question related to the agreement to share the data of the Apple users in China with the government here.

4 hours cross examination
This cross-examination lasted for about 4 hours. Cook has always emphasized that Apple’s excessive control over the App Store only benefits the iPhone user. The next hearing of the case is on Monday, where the judges of both sides can question. The decision may take several months to arrive.

The developers of the world are eyeing this matter. This decision can decide the future of the conditions and arbitrary behavior being imposed on the rest by the big technology companies by creating their own monopoly.

Judge’s questions, Cook’s answer

1. District Judge Yivon Gonzalez Rodgers asked Cook why he does not allow iPhones, iPads and iPods to adopt their payment option. With this, the user will have to pay less commission. Even banks do not charge commission for payment services, why is taking iPhone? He cited a survey saying that 39 percent of app developers were extremely unhappy with the app store.

On this, Cook said that users who come to see any app on the app store, see all the game apps present here, some even become their users. The store is providing potential consumers for these developers. Applying commission in lieu of this establishes the balance. At the same time, most app developers are not unhappy with the way the app store works. But the judge was not satisfied with this answer.

2. The judge said that after the trial by Epic, Apple reduced its commission by 15 per cent, which is now being levied on the earnings of $ 1 million earlier.

– Cook said in defense that this reduction has been done to give relief to the developers in the recession that has arisen due to the epidemic. The judge was also not satisfied with this and said that this deficiency seems to be the result of the pressure exerted by the trial.



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Apple's Tim Cook said: Tight control on app store to serve iPhone users
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