Add me to Search : How to add your profile in Google ?

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Recently Google has launched a new Add me to Search Google feature. You can add your profile in Google by using this feature.

If you go to google and search sachin tendulakar then you will get all their biography. In the same way, as many big celebrities are, their bio comes on searching their names.

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But people who were not famous, nothing came up on searching their name. But with this new feature of google, you can add your biography to google yourself. For that, the steps given below have to be followed.

Add me to Search : How to add your profile in Google?

  1. First open chrome browser on your smartphone ,then go to google and search ‘ Add me to Search’.
  2. If you have an google account then you have to select ‘Get Started ‘ Option .
  3. Here you can see one form .Fill your all details correctly  in that form . If you want to see how to fill form then watch the youtube video located at starting of this article .
  4. After filling correct information click on Save and then click on preview  .
  5. If you want to see how your Bio looks then click on view card .
  6. Now your bio is successfully added in to google .

Thanks for reading this article if you have any questions then you can comment below .

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