Youtube New Update Now video views will be seen in lakhs

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Taking into account the everyday changes occurring on the planet, video sharing company YouTube has likewise rolled out certain improvements in its Android application. In an offer to charm Indian users, YouTube has now begun demonstratingĀ  Ā Youtube New Update i.eĀ the quantity of people watching recordings in its Android application, from million and billion to millions and crores.

In any case, the million and billion dependent Indians are not grasping this new difference in YouTube at all and are continually doing detestable via web-based networking media.

Youtube New Update

Video Sharing Company YouTube has around 200 million supporters around the world.Ā  Among them Around 26 million 5,000,000 shoppers are found in India alone. YouTube has made this huge move to draw an enormous number of individuals in their own territorial language.

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In any case, this change from billion and million to lakh and crore has not yet begun to be obvious to all Indians. YouTube has seen this test on a little bunch of Android applications from a more minor perspective. Under this trial, not just the quantity of watchers of any video, yet the quantity of endorsers of a YouTube channel will likewise be appeared in lakhs and crores. On the off chance that this examination is fruitful, YouTube can actualize it for all stages.

As soon as the news of this change spread, people started reacting on social media. People who have had these changes on the Android app have started taking screenshots from their phones and sharing them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Most people described this change as very bad. They believe that they have become accustomed to counting in million and billion . so it is not easy to count any number in lakhs and crores.

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