Mitron App again live on playstore

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Mitron App
Image Credit : India TV

Google has again published the Mitron App on the playstore. 3 days ago this Mitron App was removed from the playstore by Google under a policy violation. But today Google has made this app live on playstore again.

Why did Mitron App remove from playstore?

Mitron App was uploaded by a Pakistani developer on playstore. But there was no information in the privacy policy in this app. When you click on the privacy policy, then a blank link was open here which used to lead to a shopkiller site. Google suspended the Mitron App from  playstore because of spamming the app and because of the minimum functionality policy.

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How the Mitron App came back to the playstore ?

The developer of Mitron App did not add the privacy policy page to this app. Along with this, there was an issue of minimum functionality in this app. When google removed this app from the playstore, the developers solved the privacy policy and other problems in this app. After solving all these problmes, google again published the Mitron app on the playstore. More than 5 million people have downloaded this app.

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