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Many Fake Apps like Mitron App are running on Playstore

 Mitron App
Image Credit : India TV

When Google removed the Mitron App from the playstore, a number of Fake apps have been released on the Playstore under the name Mitron App. If you search the Mitron App on Playstore, you will see Many Fake Apps like Mitron App are running on Playstore Which makes it difficult to identify the Real Mitron App. You will know that the discussions of this App are running on the Internet. This app looks just like Tiktok.

A few days ago some people claimed that this app is an Indian app. Later it was found out that this app is a Pakistani app. The app claimed more than 5 million downloads within 1 month of claiming to be Indian.

How to identify Original Mitron App ?

If you search the this App on Playstore, you will find many apps. Identifying Real App is very simple. The app which has more than 5 million downloads is the same Real Mitron App. If you talk about other apps, their downloads will be less visible. This App has now become a popular app.

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This app has become popular due to much discussion on the internet of this app, due to which more than 5 million downloads have been made.If you want to download the this  App, you can download it from the link given below.

            Download Mitron App 

Why Google Removes Mitron App from Playstore ?

This App was uploaded by a Pakistani developer on playstore. But there was no information in the privacy policy in this app. When you click on the privacy policy, then a blank link was open here which used to lead to a shopkiller site. Google suspended the this App from  playstore because of spamming the app and because of the minimum functionality policy.

How the Mitron App came back to the playstore ?

The developer of this App did not add the privacy policy page to this app. Along with this, there was an issue of minimum functionality in this app. When google removed this app from the playstore, the developers solved the privacy policy and other problems in this app.

After solving all these problmes, google again published the this app on the playstore. More than 5 million people have downloaded this app.

Many Fake Apps like Mitron App are running on Playstore
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