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Google Suspends Remove China Apps From Playstore after Mitron App

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Remove China Apps
Image Credit : Jagran

Yesterday Google Suspends Remove china Apps From Playstore .You will know that a lot of youtubers and social media are being discussed about it to remove China Apps in India. When an Indian Youtuber Carry minati did a Roast of Titkokers, that video became very popular, on which about 70Miliion views came in 4 days. But youtube takedown that video under a policy violation. Later fans of carry minati were infuriated and started giving titkok a rating of 1 star on the playstore. Due to which the rating of the titkok app was reduced to 1.2 stars. But google removed the rating of titkok again to 4.4 star by removing 8 million reviews. Meanwhile, the Mitron app became popular, which was claimed to be an Indian app. Then after news 18, the people came to know that it is a Pakistani app.

Why Google Suspends Remove china Apps from Playstore?

google has removed mitron app from Playstore as well under policy violation. So here on May 17, an app was launched on the playstore named Remove China Apps. Google also removed Remove China Apps from the playstore but google has not yet given the reason for it. This app has been made by  One Touch Apps Labs of Jaipur company.

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This company also gave this information to Google to remove this app on its Twitter handle. One Touch Apps lab has not yet given a reason for this. Usually Google removes the same app from the playstore which viaolate their policy. One Touch Apps labs say that this app can only find out from which country your mobile apps are from this app. This app does not ask to delete any app. Earlier, mitron App has also been removed by Google from the playstore.

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