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Google is increasing Tiktok Rating, Google removed 6 Million Reviews

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Google is increasing Tiktok Rating

Google is increasing Tiktok Rating because reviewed will know that ever since Indian youtuber Carry Minati has made Youtube VS Tiktok video, online war is going on in tiktok and Youtubers. In such a situation, Youtube deleted the video of Carry minati from youtube. This video broke all the records of India. This video had become the video to get the most views and likes. Due to which Youtube deleted many many Youtube users were angry. All users went to the playstore and started giving tiktok a rating of 1 star, due to which tiktok’s rating was down .

Now tiktok has a rating of 1.4 stars

Gradually tiktok’s rating dropped from 4 star to 2 star. Then once tiktok’s rating was reduced to 1.2. This app had a total of 27Million reviews out of which google removed 6 million reviews. With tiktok’s rating being 1.5 star Right now live tiktok has a rating of 1.4 stars and 21 million reviews. This means Google hasĀ  removedĀ  total 6 million ratings. In this way google is increasing the rating of tiktok.

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Nobert Elekes a verified twitter user has shared two screenshots on Twitter, in which tiktok had a rating of 1.2 with 28 million user reviews on tiktok. In the second screenshot it shows that tiktok had a rating of 1.5 when it had 27 million user reviews. If we talk about now, tiktok has a rating of 1.4 with 21 million user reviews, it clearly shows that google has deleted 6 million reviews, due to which tiktok’s rating is increasing. Google has not yet given a reason for doing so.


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