Aadhar card – download and update you aadhar card on your mAadhar App

 Aadhar card – download and update you aadhar card on your mAadhar App : Now You Can update Aadhar card ,download aadhar and adhar related services .It can be done in mAadhar android app.
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Aadhar card – How to update Aadhar card in new mAadhar Android app 

In mAadhar App you can update your aadhar card details like download Aadhaar ,order Aadhar Reprint ,update address online , paperless offline ekyc ,QR code Scanner ,Aadhar virtual id generate , Check aadhar card bank account link status online etc .You can also update your aadhar card online through aadhar card offical site

Which type of aadhar card data can be updated in mAdhar App  ?

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  1. You can Download your aadhar card by entering your adhar number and registered mobile number otp on mAadhar app
  2. If you have lost your Aadhar card then you can order your phyical Aadhar card on your Aadhar Registered address .
  3. You can also update your aadhar card address online .
  4. You can also do your aadhar card paperless offline ekyc  through mAdhar app.
  5. You can scan any aadhar card QR code though aadhar QR code Scanner.
  6. You can also generate you aadhar virtual id .
  7. You can also generate our Adhar QR code .
  8. You can also verify your aadhar number .
  9. If you forgot your aadhar number then you can get it through maadhar app.
  10. You can also check you aadhar bank account linking status . 

In mAadhar app their are lots of features but we explained only 10 features .