PUBG Mobile Unban in india soon official statement by PUBG

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PUBG Mobile Unban in india
Source: IndianExpress

The Indian government has banned PUBG Mobile in India Due to Security issues and partnership with tencent china company .PUBG Mobile has shared the official statement in which they have cleared that PUBG Mobile Unban in india soon .

Pubg game is made by South Korean company. This company has partnership tencent which is a China company, due to which pubg got banned in India.

PUBG Mobile Unban in India Soon

Pubg mobile said that after being banned in India, pubg mobile corporation is observing the whole situation. He has got a lot of good support from India towards this game.

He said that he resepect the decision taken by India and we give top priority to the privacy and security of the users.

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Therefore, pubg mobile corporation will break the partnership with tencent company of China. After that the game will not have any relationship with the tencent. As soon as this happens, pubg will become unban in india soon . This process may take up to 1 week to take place.

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