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Coronavirus Tracker App For Android Is A Ransomware, Beware!

Delete this Coronavirus Tracker App right now!!


Government, many health-care professionals are severely taking many steps to curb all the possible fall-outs that COVID-19 can cause! It has perturbed nearly every country with 1,98,600 cases of COVID-19 where the number of deaths due to the same has reached nearly 8,000.

It’s pretty devastating, right?

But in this situation, some people (specifical hackers) tried to complete their mean motives by spreading malware during the fear of Coronavirus. The ESET research has come up with a new report related to the malicious Coronavirus Tracker app. Which came out to be nothing but ransomware. This means this software will block your access to the device and ask for money to regain your password.

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What exactly is this Coronavirus Tracker app doing with its users?

This malicious app, according to some cases who claimed that tried to lock the user’s smartphone the moment it is installed. And when you will open the smartphone, the app will ask for ransom. Lukas Stefanko (malware researcher) notes that afflicted users can use the code “4865083501” to unlock their smartphones. The key to unfurled the same is hardcoded, he mentioned!

These cybercrimes are trying to fill their pocket through the public who are afraid and living under the fear of Coronavirus and maintaining distance by avoiding social gatherings.
It came out that there is a Domain stating (coronavirusapp[.]site) and it claims to have a real-time epidemic tracker via an app for mobile devices.

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Well, that’s not even practically possible!

As users are installing the app, their passwords are ceased and modified which is called a screen-lock attack and is used to exploit Android devices for quite a bit time. Where companies are shutting down manufacturing plants, winding up stores and post ponding events to limit the spread of the virus. Some cybercriminal is taking advantage of it.

We will through this platform will aware you to stay away from these apps! let me know on our comment section below have you ever used this type of devastating app?

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