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Good news for HDFC Bank shareholders, extra money may come to your account soon


If you are HDFC Bank shareholders then this news will make you happy. In fact, HDFC Bank said on Tuesday that the Board of Directors is going to meet on Friday, June 18. In this meeting, the bank can decide on the dividend. So if there is an announcement regarding dividend, then those who invest money in the stock will get a big benefit. Explain that the money received from the dividend will be credited to your bank account, the money will be separate from the profit from the stock, so it will not be wrong to call it extra money or income.

The bank told in the information given to the stock exchange that the board of directors of HDFC Bank is going to meet on 18 June 2021. On April 22, 2021, the Reserve Bank issued a notification related to the distribution of dividends of banks, keeping in mind that the dividend will be announced. In this it will be decided how much dividend should be given for the fiscal year 2021.

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What would happen to the dividend?
The company shares some of its profits with its shareholders (buyers). It is called dividend. Experts tell that the money the company has taken from you. She does business with it and shares the profit with you. But it is not necessary for the company to pay dividend to the shareholders.

RBI had said this about dividend
RBI had issued a notification on 22 April 2021 asking banks to limit the dividend payout to 50 per cent for the financial year 2021 and save capital so that it can be helped in this period of coronavirus infection. Explain that cooperative banks are exempted from paying dividend from profits on equity shares.

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Dividend was not distributed last year
RBI did not allow dividend distribution to banks in Fiscal Year 2020. in April last year lockdown This decision was taken by RBI after it started.

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Good news for HDFC Bank shareholders, extra money may come to your account soon
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