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7th Pay Commission Latest Updates: 26 June is a big day for about 52 lakh central employees, DA, DR arrears may be fulfilled


7th Pay Commission Latest News: 26 June is a big day for about 52 lakh central employees. On this day, a meeting is going to be held regarding the payment of DA arrears and DR to the pensioners under the 7th Pay Commission. Let us tell you that the central employees are expected to increase their salary from July 1. The reason for this expectation is the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission. According to Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secretary (Staff Side) of the National Council of JCM, a meeting will be held on 26th June 2021, which will be chaired by the Cabinet Secretary.

Let us tell you that the Central Government had stopped dearness allowance due to Corona epidemic, but a plan is being made to give it soon. This allowance can be transferred in the account of central employees in July. One important thing to note among dearness allowance is the fitment factor. The fitment factor plays an important role in deciding the salary of central employees. Due to the fitment factor, the minimum salary of the central employees had gone straight from Rs 6000 to Rs 18000.

What is fitment factor?

As per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, the fitment factor is 2.57. While fixing the salary of central employees, apart from allowances such as dearness allowance, traveling allowance, house rent allowance, the basic salary of the employee is calculated by multiplying the 7th pay commission’s fitment factor 2.57.

What will be the effect of fitment factor on salary after DA restoration

Through an example, Shiv Gopal Mishra explained that if the monthly salary of a central employee is Rs 20,000, then his monthly salary will be Rs 51,400 (2000×2.57) when the new rules are implemented. After this, allowances like TA, DA, Medical reimbursement will be calculated. After this, the monthly basic pay and total allowances together will be the salary received by an employee every month. Basic salary is about 50 percent of the total monthly salary of an employee. In this way, if the basic salary of a central employee is 20 thousand rupees, then his gross monthly salary will be around Rs 1,02,800 (51,400×2). After this, monthly PF contribution, income tax at source etc. will be deducted on this salary. After that the take home salary of the employee will be determined.

Shiv Gopal Mishra of the National Council of JCM says that the DA arrears of Level 1 employees will be between Rs 11,880 to Rs 37,554. He said that if calculated for Level-13 (7th CPC basic pay scale ₹1,23,100 to ₹2,15,900) or Level-14 (pay scale) then the DA arrears of a central government employee would be in lakhs (₹1,44,200). from ₹2,18,200).

From January to June 2020, DA arrears will be so much

Central employees whose minimum grade pay is Rs 1800 (Level-1 basic pay scale range 18000 to 56900) Rs 4320 [{ 18000 का 4 फीसद} X 6] to Rs 13656 [{ 56900 का 4 फीसद}X6]. DA arrears of central employees from July to December 2020 on minimum grade pay under 7th Pay Commission Rs 3,240 [{18,000 का 3 फीसद}x6] to Rs 10,242 [{56,9003 रुपये का 3 फीसद }x6] Will happen. Whereas, if we calculate the DA arrears between January and July 2021, then 4,320 [{ 18,000 रुपये का 4 फीसद}x6] to Rs 13,656 [{₹56,900 का 4 फीसद}x6].

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This means a central employee, whose minimum basic salary is Rs 18000, will get Rs 11,880 as DA arrears (Rs 4320 + 3240 + 4320). If the minimum salary according to the pay-matrix of central employees is Rs 18000 and it is expected to add 15% dearness allowance. In this sense, Rs 2700 per month will be directly added to the salary. If we look at the yearly basis, then the total dearness allowance will increase by Rs 32400. Actually, dearness allowance for June 2021 is also to be announced. If sources are to be believed, that too is estimated to increase by 4 percent. If this happens, then after the payment of three installments on July 1, another 4 percent can be paid in the next 6 months.



7th Pay Commission Latest Updates: 26 June is a big day for about 52 lakh central employees, DA, DR arrears may be fulfilled
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