Top 5 MIUI 11 Themes Best MIUI Themes of 2019

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Top 5 MIUI 11 themes :  You can check this some dark and fresh top 5 miui 11 themes that can change your mobile fully .
Top 5 Miui 11 themes
Image credits :Techno Kiran


How to install miui 10 theme on miui 11 .

You know the miui 11 update are arrived but developer has not created miu5i 11 themes yet .
So today I tell you how to apply miui 10 themes on miui 11  xiaomi and mi device .

Top 5 miui 11 themes Best miui themes .

  • Pearly Dark V10

Pearly Dark V10 Is amazing Black Dark Theme with violet color combination . Notifications panel is awesome  .It is designed with whole black theme . Pearly Dark V10 changes your all device app icons, notification bar , navigation button . Pearly Dark V10 changes app like dark mode.

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  • Justice League DWM3

Justice League DWM3 is minimal clean miui 10 theme .In Justice League DWM3 apps are designed .App icons , notification shade , Navigation button , dialler pad ,msg box .

  • Simple SpaceX V10

Simple SpaceX V10 It is also clean minimal miui 10 theme It also changes your notification shade ,dialler pad , message box , navigation button ,clean and minimal app icons .



  • Pie Pro V10

Pie Pro V10 It is best theme ever .Pie Pro V10 is miui 10 theme that changes your device charging animation , notification shade , navigation buttons,clean and minimal app icons.Pie Pro V10 background image is looking so beautiful .In home page Small watch makes your device homepage more beautiful.

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  • Purple OS DWM3

Purple OS DWM3 is Purple Color Miui 10 theme with yellow mix color . Purple OS DWM3 is also changes your phone navigation bar , dialler pad , navigation button ,app icons ,setting design and much more.


Note : MIUI 10 Users find all themes by searching name on theme store .

 How to apply miui 10 theme on miui 11 :

  • Download Theme Swap App 
  • Install and open it then click on MTZ Themes here you can see plus(+) icon click on it and select mtz file that you are downloading from upper link .
  • Here you can see Unpacking Theme loading  after that your theme is came . Simply click on that and select pack theme and apply option .
  • Then you can see your  theme is successfully installed on your phone 

Download all themes from upper link and apply theme through theme swap app .You can also apply theme through mi theme Editor app.If you want to download more miui 10 or miui 11 themes then you can visit our blog catagory best smartphone themes and also you can download miui themes from xiaomi official theme store .

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I hope you like this top 5 miui 11 themes .If you face some problems then comment I try to solve your problem as possible .If you have any questions related to miui theme then you can also visit our youtube channel . Their I explained all themes and how to apply themes and best miui themes .

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If you have any questions related to miui 11 themes then you can comment below We try to give answers within 24 hours thank you.

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