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Who is Moxie, whose made Signal App is getting downloaded in India in full swing.


The track record of Moxie Marlinspike aka Matthew Rosenfeld can surprise and impress anyone. Moxie is credited with the well-known signal protocol encryption that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal and Skype use. Acclaimed for his contribution to strengthening the privacy system in the digital world and having a long career, Moxie, along with Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, started Signal App, which is located in India including India. It is becoming very popular in many countries very fast.

The Signal app is basically a kind of chatting and data sharing app, which users can use just like WhatsApp. According to the reports that have come so far, Signal has better safety with some additional features as compared to WhatsApp. The story of Moxie, the co-founder of this app, is also the story of many extra achievements being added continuously.

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From the beginning of career to TwitterAs a teenager from Georgia, USA, Moxie hit several tech companies in San Francisco. In 2010, Moxie became the co-founder and chief tech officer of Whisper Systems, after working several places in the software world. Even at that time, Moxie’s company was using TextSecure and Readphone for end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling.

The quality of this company was so good that it was taken over by Twitter in 2011. The result was that Moxie was made the head of cyber security at the Twitter app.

Moxie Marlinspike’s photo courtesy of Wikicommons.

want to be an entrepreneur

Your company is your own. This passion to become an entrepreneur stayed within Moxie, so he left Twitter in 2103 and then started his own business under the name Signal Protocol. In 2015, an application Signal was created by combining TextSecure and Readphone. Simultaneously, Moxie continued to work with his partner Trevor to provide better secure platforms for Google, WhatsApp and FB Messenger.

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After this, in 2018, Moxie, along with WhatsApp co-founder Acton, launched the Signal Foundation. From here the popularity of the Signal app started increasing. Now entrepreneur, security researcher and cryptographer Moxie has answered many questions related to communication systems for users and governments. Moxie’s philosophy describes the security of user data as follows:

Who is Moxie, whose made Signal App is getting downloaded in India in full swing.The government or legal agencies should not try to be an introvert. They already have a lot of information. If they know everything, then perhaps this world will not be left worth living. Governments should not know everything.

How was Moxie in controversy?

The other aspect of data security, that is, providing secure communication of user information, is whether it will not help criminals. Moxie’s very outspoken stand on this was ‘Maybe it will help in breaking the law, but it does not mean that security or privacy can be compromised. We all need to hide something or the other.

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There have been controversies with this stand of Moxie. Acton has also been in support of Moxie, saying that Moxie has given a ‘world class’ system, which has been a great achievement in the field of privacy. Governments, on the other hand, have been legally entangled with the legal privacy deals of FB, Apple and WhatsApp. Signal is also far away from the grip of the government like these apps.

Now the question is, can the creator of the signal, Moxy, be called anti-system? Or can he be considered a hero for user privacy in modern times? Until a legal system reaches a conclusion, you have to form an opinion.

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Who is Moxie, whose made Signal App is getting downloaded in India in full swing.
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