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Made in India Koo App launched in Assamese language, learn how to up…


Guwahati: Indian app Ku is now ready to be popular among the people of Assam as well. The people of Assam can now communicate on social media in their mother tongue only. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has launched the new Assamese language in the micro-blogging Koo App. You can connect with him through https://www.kooapp.com/profile/himantabiswa. He has also put the first post in Assamese language for the people of Amas.

First post posted by Chief Minister: Chief Minister has created his account on Koo App a few days back. Soon after his arrival, Koo App has launched Assamese language for the local people of Assam. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma (Assam CM on Koo) launched this micro-blogging app by posting the first Assamese post on it.

He wrote, ‘I am happy to launch the Assamese language only after coming to my Koo App. The people of Assam will be able to connect with the social media platform in their own mother tongue. I have got an opportunity to interact and connect with the people of my state in the local language.

Himanta Biswa Sarmagi@himantabiswa

মই ান াৰ মা াষাত লব্ধ াত ী ীছোঁ.
াৰ মৰ াক মাতৃভাষাত মতামত াৰ ান লকৰি. লোৰে ী াত াৱৰ ান ান লৈ াট াই ‘লো মোৰ মতামত, াৰ লগতে ান্য লেটফর্মত াম.ভাৰতীয় ল মিডিয়া লেটফর্ম ‘কু’-ক মসমূহৰ াবে ামনা ালোঁ.

Many celebrities of Assam will join soon
According to the information received, after the Chief Minister of Assam comes on Koo App, many celebrities of the state can also join through this platform. Many local leaders and celebrities are in touch with Koo App. Soon you will find him interacting with people in Assamese language on this platform.

What is Koo App?
Koo is a microblogging site, in which you have all the features like sharing your content in your own language. Simply put, Koo is a Made in India Twitter. It is available in eight Indian languages ​​including Hindi, English. Koo can be used both as an app and a website. There is a limit of 400 words and videos / photos can also be shared.

How to Download Koo App
>>First of all go to your mobile app store. Search Koo App here.

>>After downloading the app, you have to register through your mobile number or email id.

>>Once the process is complete, you can follow your favorite people on Koo App.

>>Talk to people in your local language The most important feature of Koo App is that you do not need to know English to use this micro-blogging platform. You can talk to people here in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Marathi.



Made in India Koo App launched in Assamese language, learn how to up...
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