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Is Gab a haven for evictions from Twitter? Famous because of Trump…


The social media network that is being talked about as a haven for extremists, conservatives and right wing is Gab. After the violence in the US Capitol Hill Violence on January 6, when the ‘Parler’ network faced a lot of criticism in the Internet world, Gab emerged as a new option. In the days following the violence, Gab tweeted claiming he had found 2.3 million new users in a week. By the end of January, Gab had a total of 34 lakh users (Gab Users).

Now this platform is in the news because claims are being made that former US President Donald Trump, pushed from Twitter and Facebook, has become active on Gab and activated his old account here, but questions are raised about the authenticity of these claims. Huh. Will tell you further that these claims are true that hollow, but know many interesting things about this app that has come into the limelight due to Trump.

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What is Gab?

Formed in 2016 promoting the mission of ‘freedom of speech for all’, GAB is actually a cocktail of Twitter and Facebook. Here users call their posts ‘gabs’ and can post messages of up to 300 words. There is no censorship or surveillance-like situation regarding the content of the users.

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Gab offers its own web browser ‘Descent’ and has its own commenting system. The philosophy of this platform is that ‘we believe that the future of online content is in the hands of the user and is open’.

Why is Gab in controversy?

In the recent past, the major and leading social media platforms have their own policies regarding content or are under such pressure, while Gab has been a victim of criticism for not having such a policy. There is a lot of hate, racist, violent and misleading information and comments on this platform. It is said that there were a lot of provocative posts for the Capitol Hill violence.

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The reason for being in controversies is also that this platform has become a den of people who were removed from Twitter or other platforms. Conservatives like Richard Spencer and Alex Jones made Gab their home after being banned from mainstream social media. Similar discussions are going on in full swing about President Trump.

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It is being said in the news that Trump has indicated a return to social media from the gab post.

So is everything unbridled on the gab?

There is one exception: Gab claims it monitors and removes “unlawful activities, threats of violence, pornography, child abuse content” and removes such objectionable content.

Why was GAB banned?

Gab first came under attack in 2018 when a gunman in Pittsburgh used the platform to threaten Jews. Then Gab told that user to suspend the account and inform the FBI. Big tech companies made all efforts to close Gab and they were successful to some extent, but this platform continued with a different name ie Epik domain.

Who drives the gab?

Entrepreneur Andrew Torba, who calls himself a ‘Conservative Republican Christian’, is the founder of GAB, a direct supporter of Trump. When it was said that Facebook held a stereotype against conservative people, Torba, who worked in Silicon Valley, created this platform as an alternative for those people.

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Torba complained that all major social networks were run or controlled by progressive workers or leaders. In 2016, he also said that GAB is not just a network of conservatives but a platform of leaders where everyone can speak their mind without fear of censorship.

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There is a discussion about Trump’s Gab account in social media and foreign media.

Did Trump arrive at the gab?

Major Western media houses, including Inside, reported that Trump, who was battling social media, finally broke his silence and interacted with his supporters in a post on the gab. It was also reported that Trump posted on the gab about the impeachment going on against him. But Gab dismissed these reports.

Gab CEO Torba issued an official statement saying that these reports are false and that Trump is not using his platform. Business Insider reported in the report that Torba clearly stated that Trump’s account on Gab is neither there, nor has it ever been.



Is Gab a haven for evictions from Twitter? Famous because of Trump...
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