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Google’s new feature, soon you will be able to check your…


Google told that starting from next month, with this new technology, you can measure user heart rate and repository rate from your phone’s camera itself … Learn how this feature will work.

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  • Last Updated:February 6, 2021, 3:59 PM IST

Heart beat and respiratory rate, two important indicators commonly used to measure health and wellness, can now be checked through a mobile phone as well. Google has said that this feature is starting from next month, and these features will be available in the ‘Google Fit’ app for Pixel phones. Google will use camera and computer vision technology for this, which is also called optical detect. This technique will use the camera for heart rate. Whenever you take fresh oxygen, it goes from the heart to the whole body and with the help of the camera, the heart rate can be detected by the changing color of the fingers. Shwetak Patel, Director of Health Technology, Google, says, ‘This feature will be in the Google Fit app, which will be present in Pixel phones and will gradually be used in other Android phones.

Starting next month, with this technology, you can measure heart rate and repository rate from your phone’s camera itself. For repository rate, you have to bring your head and face in front of the camera and for heart rate you have to put your finger on the phone’s rear camera lens.

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This measurement will not be used for medical diagnosis or evaluation of medical conditions. Patel expressed the hope that people can take good care of their health by tracking their wellness daily with this app. Before launching this product, Google did preliminary clinical verification to test its accuracy, and in tests done on many people, found it to be correct in counting every breath. Process used to find out heart rate This is called photoplethysmography (PPG), which is usually captured using special sensors. According to the Fitzpatrick scale, Google has already completed preliminary clinical validation to test the algorithm’s performance among people with different skin types. Its algorithm has been found to be accurate to within two percent on average across all categories.

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Patel said in a blog post that thanks to increasingly strong sensors and advances in computer vision, these features could allow smartphone cameras to be used at the pixel level to track tiny physical signals such as chest movements. is used to measure their respiratory rate and changes.



Google's new feature, soon you will be able to check your...
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