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Big warning about WhatsApp! Your account can be hacked anytime…


New Delhi. if you too WhatsApp (WhatsApp) user so it may be that your carelessness in the coming days too much for you Overwhelmed. maybe your whatsapp account hack and even two-factor authentication Couldn’t even save you from it. Actually, a method has been found that is giving this access to the remote attacker, who can easily deactivate your WhatsApp from your phone, that too only through your phone number. The most worrying thing is that when all this is happening then ttwo-factor authentication Too someone work No Tax Will be able whatsapp Has more than two billion users worldwide, it is the world’s most famous and most used app in instant messaging app.

The chances of such an attack will be more when there is carelessness on the part of the users, but on the other hand the t to protect against such attack.two-factor authentication Why Design did they Too him rake No will be able to. security researcher Luis Márquez Carpintero and Ernesto Canales Pereña has That be told about the way WhatsApp will end from the user’s phone.

The whole game starts from here

According to the report, there are two ways for this. The first is how WhatsApp is installed on your device. For example, when you install WhatsApp on your phone, you receive an SMS card to verify your SIM card and number. A hacker can do the same thing, He will install WhatsApp on his phone but the number is yours, in this stage your six digit card will come on your message that someone wants to install your WhatsApp on his phone, you cannot do anything in this, and run on your phone. It has been that WhatsApp will also run as normal for some time.

These codes will come to you again and again while this hacker’s process is running. After this a situation will come when the access limit of this verification card has been reached and only after 12 hours you will be able to generate a new verification card. During this also your WhatsApp will continue to work, during this time you do not have to do the thing that you have to deactivate WhatsApp and try to install it again because for the next 12 hours you will not be able to generate a new card, whether you use Android phone or iPhone .

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Hacker’s next move and once again you beat

After this, the hacker will create an email id and send a mail support@whatsapp.com On Will send that phone on which Whether WhatsApp was installed or lost or lost. And he wants that WhatsApp should be deactivated for that number and it will be your phone number. WhatsApp will probably confirm the number again over the email, but it will not be able to detect whether this mail is being sent by a hacker or you will be able to check the phone after deactivating your phone number through WhatsApp. Your phone is not registered in WhatsApp. The reason for which will come that probably WhatsApp has been installed on another phone. There is a situation to be very aware in this situation.

You just keep waiting, can’t do anything

It will happen that in this situation you will try to install it again with your WhatsApp number. You will enter the number and wait for the verification card. According to the report, you will not get any code through SMS and it will be written in the app, wait for SMS or call. This is because so many cards have already been generated on your phone that the next card or phone will come only after 12 hours. Then you will suddenly remember that you had come to this code many times before which you had not even generated it. Seeing the code in your last message, you would like to use it but that too will not work. this is what you will see “You have guessed too many times,” Of course you did not generate those codes, but now what will be the difference, you will not be able to do anything.

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And there will be no way to restart WhatsApp

After the completion of 12 hours, if the attack will not have been done by the hacker, then you can generate the code again. Will be able to install WhatsApp. But if this does not happen then more problems will be waiting for you. If the attacker sent the mail to WhatsApp again after the waiting period of 12 hours, then you will not be able to do anything again for the next 12 hours. Even if the verification code also comes to you. According to the researchers, after the third 12-hour cycle, WhatsApp breaks down and gets confused and then starts giving the message that “try again after -1 seconds” it comes on the phone of you and the attacker. And here’s a problem. Researchers told Forbes that if the hacker waits for WhatsApp to deactivate your number again before emailing it, there will be no way for you to get WhatsApp back on your phone, and until then you Will be kicked out of the app because it will be too late.

WhatsApp is linked only by phone number and without any reliable policy

The problem with the design of WhatsApp’s verification is that there is no second layer for the SMS card and email support to check the authenticity go for verification that gives a strong base for its misuse. Research also shows that this type of attack does not require much effort or malware. And during this time any way to get out of it. Because anyone can find out whether you are on WhatsApp or not through phone number. Jake Moore of ESET told Forbes that to avoid this, more attention will have to be paid to privacy, as well as to force the use of two-step verification pins as much as possible. WhatsApp is linked only by phone number and without any credible policy.

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WhatsApp hasn’t even confirmed any plans to fix this method.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s response to Forbes’ Jack Doffman hasn’t really been very confident. They say providing your email address along with two step verification helps our customer care team to assist the people so that they never face this unexpected problem. The circumstances identified by research on this constitute a violation of our Terms of Service and we encourage anyone who needs help to email our support team so we can investigate. In fact, if your WhatsApp has been hacked, it is comforting to know that the person responsible for the attack violated WhatsApp’s Terms of Service. The report also says that WhatsApp has not even confirmed any plans to fix this method.



Big warning about WhatsApp! Your account can be hacked anytime...
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